gearbox ratio's

can anyone post the new ratio's for the 00 YZ426? is it higher for a CR box or did they drop the first couple of gears for the drag starts? do yamaha have gears from the other models that fit? i'm told the WR has a taller fourth & fifth.

99WR400 vs 98 or 99YZ


1st 29/12

2nd 26/15

3rd 21/16

4th 21/20

5th 21/25

98 or 99 YZ

1st 27/14

2nd 25/16

3rd 23/18

4th 24/22

5th 20/21

Which means the WR 1st gear is 25% lower, 2nd gear is 13% lower, 3rd gear is 2.67% lower, 4th gear is 3.74% taller and 5th is 11.8% taller.

I know the 426 1st and 2nd are even taller than the YZ 400 which makes the bike basically useless on tight snotty trails. This was proven out by a guy I know who tried to ride one on hard ways on the last Dual Dogs Dual Sport ride, he was swearing all day a frying his clutch.


Hummm- I ride my 426 on tight, nasty single track with stock gearing about 85% of the time with no problems, but I hardly ever use the clutch- at least not like I did on my old RMX250.


'00 YZ426

You must be a excellent and very talented rider. I myself had trouble on this ride on my 99WR something about hairpin switch backs with 2 to 3 foot rock steps complacated by snow but whaterver. My WR on several occasions was making coffie perculating sounds in the radiator overflow due to ultra slow speeds, very tricky single track trail obsticles while climbing from 4000 to 9500 feet. Anyway the guy on the 426 with stock gearing was not having fun.


The '00 426 has higher (steeper) 1st and 2nd gears than the 98 and 99 YZF. I'm sure the ratios are listed in the manual, but I don't have it handy.

i know i'm in the wrong yard to talk of this one but we're here now so what the...!

My Wr is used for Enduro's & trail riding in gloop at 20 mph. pictures of Moab make me laugh (& cry!)all that space!

i don't want to go through all that gearing stuff again but just to say i run 13/48 for racing & change the front to a 15 for a trail ride, after all we have to get there on our piddly little roads in England.

i think the box is great in the first three-which is just about all you would use on a typical Enduro. fourth could be taller & fifth taller still for better roadwork. with so many bikes, gearbox bits & more can be swapped. i'm betting that the gear ratio's from something out there would suit.

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