426 improovements for Texas hare scrambles

I made the following mods to my 426 to improove the rideablility. 1. Change the Jetting specs to 48 pilot and a 165 main, fuel screw 2 turns out. 2. Installed a 12oz.flywheel weight from terycable. 3. Installed a kick stand and tall seat foam from Baja designs. No way you can imagine the improovement. It starts hot or cold on first kick almost every time. It will literally idle around low speed obsticalls in second gear. The kick stand makes it easy to start when you are dead tired and the tall seat makes your rear end happy. Oh yeah , one last thing, the flywheel improoves traction so much that just a little twist brings the front end up in a very predictable manner.The only downside I have found so far is a slight reduction in snap and a bit of a problem touching the ground with both feet.If you ride trails and or scrambles you will love the mods.

i've found most US companies by using a search engine but all i get for Terrycble is a bit about boats. can you post their #. cheers!

You can get the Terrycable flywheel weight at a number of locations, I got mine at scotts. (818) 248-6747. They will also have everything you could want to make your YZ even better. http://www.scottsperformance.com

As far as Terrycable. http://www1.terrycable.com/terry/

I'm running a 10 oz. weight and it turned my bike into a completely different bike

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