Anyone ever put a WR400 stator on a YZ?

I toasted my 98 YZ400 stator and have been thinking of putting on a WR400 stator with the lighting coil. So far I know you have to buy the stator and the flywheel weight. I'm not so sure about the CDI unit. Any bright ideas?


You can purchase a lighting stator for the yz. About $350.


I can prob do one for approx $199us

Also E-Line avail for $410.. $490 retail



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You can get a stator from Moose that has a lighting coil for about 120. If you go with the WR, it looks as though you would have to buy the WR flywheel as well.

Do you have a link to a Moose website?



Did you have to use any of the old stator? I've toasted the pickup on mine and the Moose looks like its the stator only and not the wiring harness and pickup?



It comes as the stator only. if the pick-up is bad, you'll have to go with the Yamaha piece. Here is a place found elsewhere here.


Did you purchase a stator yet? I'm thinking about doing the same thing if the price is right.

Thanks Nick

I decided to go with the YZ stator. The WR stator would require the additional CDI unit and the flywheel weight. About $450 compared to $150. I was worried about the WR timing of the CDI unit also. I didn't want retune an already great running engine.


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