buying a wr450f

I'm new to this forum and havn't been on a four stroke since 1985, I'm going to buy a new bike and it will be a thumper, but i'm torn between the wr and the yz, I've been reading the post made in this forum and with the problems of the woodruff key and other mnor things would anybody buy another one tomorrow?

thanks in advance


i wouldn't buy another one tomorrow ! i am going riding on my WR450 tomorrow and would be having too much fun on it, :D but after i got back i'd go out and buy another one or two if i had the money. :)

I would'nt hesitate buying another one, I think the woodruff key issue has been blown way out of proportion, its a problem that some of the WR's are having, but Yamaha is willing to correct the problem for free, if the current fix doesn't work I,m sure they will do whats nessasary to fix it. Its not like the motors are blowing up, its just the flywheel is not holding on the shaft. To me its not that big of deal, the worst thing that can happen is it kills on you when you're out riding, and you get towed back in or fix it on the trail. I'am carrying an extra woodruff, 24mm box end wrench in my gear bag just in case, the other tools you would need should be in your fanny pack. If you ride motocross get the YZ if you ride offroad events or just play ride like me get the WR its a fantastic bike.

If i could find one local.I sure would pick up another. :) Course it would help if i had another 6k.

I'm sold told my dealer today to get me one.

I just walked in to my Yammie dealer today and woooohoo, two WRs in the shop! One is now mine!!!!! I have been hearing sold out for the past two months.

I considered all bikes in the same class including the Honda 450 and 650 and KTM 525. I'm very happy with my 450WR and now have 190 desert miles on it! :)

The YZ will probably only be good if you ride in the sand a lot or on a track. That first gear will kill a guy in the woods unless you can ride like a bat out of hell at all times. The ratio is about the same as second gear on a WR. Damn Yamaha. The WR is more versatile and can be made almost into a YZ if you desire. Go get one!

Hey tigerowner... Where did you get you bike and how much did you pay out the door? thanks

Chris :)

I bought a WR450 a couple weeks ago and have had no problems. I have 345 miles on it and have done a lot of different things on it. I gave $5800 for it. If you can't find one or want to get the best deal go to the Yamaha website and use the dealer finder and email or call dealers.


WR450F-baffle removed

I gave $5800 for it.

Was that your out the door price or before tax, etc?

As a Desert Racer out in California, if I had it to do over I would buy the YZ. The weight of the WR is VERY noticable in deep whoops and it feels like it's crashing through rather than skimming. The electric start has proved itself unreliable for consistent firing up, however, I will be the first to admit that my jetting is not as close as it should be. The big issue for me was that the WR has the 5 speed, but after all I have read on the subject, I think you could make the 4 speed work in the Desert. The jury is still out on what the factory Yamaha boys are running. They are rumored to be on yz's with 5 speed conversions. Counting gears with these boys is not a good indication at the start of a race, you never know if they are starting in 1st or 2nd gear, even if you could hear the shifts with all the other bikes around. To sum it up: The WR is 30 pounds heavier, has really wide ratio gearing, and the electric start is really handy if you stall in tight stuff or on a hill.The YZ is lighter but you will have to use some clutch if it gets technical or gear it down and sacrifice some top speed (not an option in the Desert). From what I gather, Ty Davis is geared about 14% taller than stock on his YZ and still pulls it off. He, however, is NOT HUMAN! I have been passed by the fast guys during the Desert Scrambles and I am here to tell you- they are VERY VERY FAST. Insane FAST. Good luck in your search, because quite honestly, either bike is a great choice!

My wr450 skims the whoops. :)

However Pro Action :D did revalve and change the springs for me.

got my bike today put 12 miles on it, it's going to take a little getting use to, I'm coming off a kx250 it's totally differant.

My wr450 skims the whoops.

Mine too!!

In reply to:

Was that your out the door price or before taxex, ect?

I went to the dealership, gave that much, and the bike was min.


2003 WR 450F-baffle removed

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