Adventure Rides

Hey TT'rs,

Please post info, pics, outfitters, and logistical details on any exotic or high adventure off-road expeditions or rides you have taken outside the United States. South America, Africa, Asia, Australia, ...the Middle East, etc.

I am interested in compiling info on the various dirt biking opportunities around the globe.

Last fall I visited the far away land called Tennessee. The people who live there have many interesting customs. One of these customs is when you go riding with them on their mountain trails they "scuff you up a bit" then send you home, (I personally have witnessed this).

Another unusual custom is that it is normal for older men to have beautiful wifes/girlfriends that are much younger than they are. I plan on returning to that land some day to investigate this custom furthur.

OK, Dutch. Here's the plan...We go to Tennessee first to explore the Older Guy/Beautiful Young Wench Trails...THEN head south to Cabo...Oh Yes! I can almost taste it! :D :D :D:)

Taste what?(Thumper doesn't have a Graemlin for this but I can think it). One other thing I forgot about this land called Tennessee - they like to arrest their guest and force them to return!

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