426 needs more rev.

I have a problem. I had a 98 YZ400 that I raced for 2 years. It was time for a new bike, and I didn't have to think twice about purchasing a new 426. I love everything about the bike except for the engine. It just doesn't seem to make as much power in the higher rpm's as the 400 did. I want to find out the easiest way to make it rev more like the 400 did. I rode my old 400 last night, and I definitely liked the power better. So if anyone has any suggestions, I would appreciate it. Thanks.

This is a common complaint the WR/YZ timed and YZ 400 rev better and farther than the 426. In fact they are faster on top but not as snappy in the low to mid. My friend has both and the 400 is faster than his 426 my YZ'ed WR with the Vortex ingition is faster than both of his etc. Yam changed the ignition on the 426 to work with the new motor and its carburation. You might talk with Mike a MT Racing he develops the Vortex ignition curves and may be able to help you with a simple ignition change vs engine work.

MT Racing

7505 Jurupa Ave Suite C

Riverside, Ca. 92504



I have access to the ignition off of a 98 YZ400, does anyone know if it would work on my 426? I would greatly appreciate any info. Thanks.

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