Need Help

Last fall after over 400 miles on current jetting my bike began to run very lean.

I tore it down during the winter and just got it back out today.

It started on the second kick and on the first over a dozen times after that.

It was running great for several miles up to 1/2 throttle w/short bursts of 3/4 throttle. I did have a very slight popping on decel. When I got to a road I could open it up it ran like crap and fouled the plug after about 1 min. It was very hesitant and began to pop and sputter when wfo.

My current jetting is:DVP#5, 165 MJ, 38 PJ, 1 1/2 turns on PS, 200 maj. I did do the ACV mod.

I am guessing I need to go up one size on the PJ, and go up one size on the MJ.

Can anyone confirm this is where I should start? Thanks

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