Should the Woodruff key keep me from buying a WR??

Hey guys, should I hold off on a new purchase of a WR450 tomorrow and wait for the Wooduff key thing to be solved?? The dealers' mechanic said it now is a matter of proper lap, locktite and torque at set up. They have sold 4-5 in Salem Or., with no returns - according to the survice manager. Help with a quick opinion.. I pick the bike up tomorrow.. Thanks, Dirtstiff :)

i'd tell them to lap and loctite it tonight and pick it up tomorrow . it's a great bike you'll love it !!

A month ago I'd have told you to wait or buy something else. But after a month of hard riding, I'd offer that you'll really be missing out on a great bike if you choose something else. In the last month I've actually been trying to break the woodruff key with no luck. I've started it with the throttle turned, run it out of fuel a few times (forcing a HUGE lean condition and a few backfires) used to e-start regardless of the warmth of the engine, etc. No trouble at all. These bikes are loads of fun, and I cant recommend it highly enough.



Don't hold off. You can't get hung up on a few keys being sheared. I've sheared two, it's been fixed and I've had not problem since. :)

Now that we know about it you can't go wrong. Have the dealer go over it and get it..... You'll love the bike.. :)

Well I was worried about the key but Ive gone ahead and put a deposit on a new wr450f and pick it up this morning :)

Looks awesome hope its as reliable as my old drz400e was.

The dealer I'm gettting it from says hes had no returns or problems with woodruff key AFTER they've retorqued.

Some flywheels have actually been loose when the've checked them.

gotta change my sig now :D

Lapping is made to take off small amounts of metal, I don't think it's going to do much. The 648 is essentially glue. If mine breaks it breaks and it goes back to the dealer. The lapping and glue fix is a bandaid. If mine goes I want a new crank and flywheel. I already talked to my dealer and he says Yamaha will replace the above at N/C.

I would still buy the bike, some have flywheel problems some don't.

Don't hesitate. This bike is absolutely incredible. 600 miles and no issues.

Well I spoke to the dealer yesterday when i picked up the wr and he says if it breaks they are gonna lap and redo at no cost.

Happy to hear that.

But the new ones are already done by yamaha from the factory now so hopefully this may be the end of the issue.

After seeing posts about Yamaha actually replacing the crank and rotor if it comes down to that I wouldn't hesitate to buy one. Who cares, if they're willing to fix it. I've only had my 450 for a month, and only have about 150 miles on it, but it hasn't had any problems.

After riding out at the Trask today I have to say this IS an awesome bike and it's about ten times better in every way than my 400 was. Go get that SOB. You must be buying it from Cycle Sports? They seem like a good dealer, except their rediculous freight an setup fee. :) Bought a 98 KLX 300 there.

Hi Dirtstiff

I have the same doubts, mine is comming half may,

Yamaha Holland say's there was a problem but it is fix (change off woodruff key). First i have problems believing it's just the key (it's there for positioning not adding strength) second why are the holding bikes at the dealers (the do over here in holland right now)?

If Yamaha was open about this problem i could easily live with it (just get it fixed then) but since they are not open about it it makes me wonder.

I'm worried about a new bike that i don't even have right now, this was just the reason i wanted a new bike no worries!!

Hate this feeling, i'm thinking of the options i have (made a down payment already) none makes me realy happy!?


I've had mine since Feb with 0 problems. Just buy it!

Go ahead and buy it! The only complaint I have is it does not come with a programmable fuel injection. I think I can rejet in the dark I have done it so much. Just cleared 1000 miles (all dirt riding) on my WR450 and no problems at all! If you like decals on your bike replace the stock ones immediately. They lasted about 500 miles. I just like my bike without decals. The bike seems to be very reliable. I trail ride hard but I no longer race. Most of our members race heavily and quite a few of them have also had no reliability issues. I hope the negative comments you find on this board do not reflect the overall quality of the WR450. This bike is very well engineered and should please most dirt riders. We just dont have a lot of posts saying, "everything is OK. My WR450 rocks my world". :)

INDY,well said !

Indy your a ride'n mofo, your gonna be the high miliage guy here.

I have no problems with my WR. I have had it in the woods, and the MX track, little heavy for MX but thats not what it was made for. I only have about 200 miles on mine so far.

I picked up the WR Saturday, I watched the shops' master mechanic lap, locktite and torque / retorque a WR ahead of mine, then mine out of the box. I believe it will hold and if not , he said he would personally make sure it was right, crank or whatever. I also negoetiated an extended warranty ( 3 ) yrs. with the dealer.. I'm confident and glad I bought the bike. I rode 3-4 hrs on Sunday and am totally satisfied. Get the potato out of the pipe, give her a little air and I'm satisfied. My CRF Buddies were even surprised about how plush this kick ass the WR is. :)Dirtstiff :D

Glad to see your dealer taking care of you! You will not have buyer's remorse with this bike. It is worth every penny! :)


You say your buddies have CRF's. Have you got to ride them, what do you think of the CRF compared to the WR??

Yes, I get a chance to ride one about everytime I ride. I don't know if I want to fall into the firey infurno trap by comparing one bike to another. After I get a chance to run my WR through the paces I might consider a post evaluating the two. Remember, they really are two different animals intended for two different uses. I honestly had a hard time not buying the CRF instead of the WR. :)Dirtstiff

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