5 MINUTE OIL CHANGE! (Joke) Got a question though.

Okay, I'm getting pretty tired of messy oil changes. I've heard about special drainplugs that can piss oil in an adjustable stream without actually being removed. That sounds cool. Does something like this exist for the XR650R? Other ideas also appreciated. Any way to pump the oil out? I know you can do this with cars.


I don't know dude, I haven't read anything at all about a plug like that for the XR, and I try to keep up with all the new stuff for the bike. Would be cool though if something like that was available.


Fram has put out a Drain Plug Gizmo that replaces the stock plug with an insert that uses a special adapter with a tube. The tube piece svrews on and opens a valve that allows the oil to drain, and it comes with a cap to protect the part that stays in the drain pan. They make them for cars in a bunch of sizes so it should not bee too hard to match the bolt size/thread pitch on the XR.

I know nothing on how good or bad they work, I just know they are out there. I know I have seen them at Wal-Mart and they are under $20.

Hope this helps in the search for a better way!!!

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