Microfiche On-line for yz

If anybody wonders or cares their is a microfiche online website for the yz and wr. All the prices are their and they seem to be a lot cheaper than my crappy local yamaha dealer that has to order everything anyway. WWW.HLSM.com

Thanks for the info, really cool that they have all the parts diagrams and prices.

Thanks for the tip. This will be great!!

I've got it bookmarked and the discounts look good. My local dealer will hate this, but it's about time they get some more competition.

Thanks! I've been looking for online microfiche for months! I passed this info on to the dudes on rec.motorcycles.dirt too...

I even learned how to save it all for offline...


Great site, Thanks.

How did you do that? I want to easily import it into Excel, so I can manipulate it for parts orders, etc.

Scott F

I even learned how to save it all for offline...

Scott- to save for offline- using IE5, just "add to favorites" and when the box opens up on the top click "make available offline", then click "customize" then you want to download pages 1 link deep. Make sure you start at the list page and it works great...


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