Need confermation Im doing my valves right

Ok I started doing my valve clearances tonight.

The exhaust measured .009 in. / .229 mm

The intake measured .005 in / .127 mm

So, from there I took out the buckets and the shims were stuck to the underside of the bucket.

4 of the shims were 175 and one of the intakes was a 174.

I couldnt get a feller guage on the middle cam lobe on the intake side so I figured it would be ok to shim it the same as the rest. Is that ok?

So as I cross reference the clearance measurement agianst the shims I took out the chart tells me that I need to get 170's all the way around.

Can anyone please tell me if I did this correctly since I will be going down to pick up the shims tomorrow. They are in stock too!!! :):D :D :D


I think you are working in the right direction, but each valve should be measured and reshimmed accordingly. Don't group exhaust and intake together. The valve that the feeler gauge would not fit under will probably require a thinner shimm that the others. The shimms that you will buy will run in .05 increments. I would buy one extra .05 smaller than the others for a back up on the tight valve. Once you have it back together, pull the comp. release and kick it through a fiew times to let everything settle in, bring it to TDC and recheck clearances.

Good idea. Thanks.

I might even pick up a couple extra .05 tinner shims just to make sure I dont have to make another trip back.

Thanks for the conformation tctrailrider. :)

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