Hour Meter

Sorry, couldn't find the post from last week and I promised a couple of folks pics of my installation....Here they are...




Here You Go :)

Bonzai :D

Ok, I gotta know....what does it cost and how easy is it to install? I'm sure it will stand up to the abuse I would put it through if you haven't had any probs with it.

Trick install. Like the coiled wire slack on the plug wire and the juxaposed cable ties on the hour meter. I'm inspired, waffled on installing an hour meter, but now I know it can function and look trick too !

Kaze, Too cool! Looks great...






I havn't been paying attention to other posts on this little meter......Could you fill me in?

Bonzai :)


Go to www.sendec.com/meters for the on line shop for the manufacturer. You hace a choice of several meters. I got the basic hour meter that uses inductive pick up and can be mounted with screws, two-sided tape or zip-ties. They have resetable timers and combination tachometers / timers available. the costs were from approximately $29.95 up to about $90.00 depending on how many features you want. I was amazed at how many of the GNC teams had these on the DTX and shorttracker bikes at the Tunica ST National. I mounted mine in the fork tube between the triple clamps with zip-ties. No problems to date.

You can also get them from Dr.D, Yamaha GYT-R and Sears.


They look real nice.Ego has one and fabbed alittle bracket to mount his.Looks good and helps him keep track of the minutes ooopppss :D i mean hours on his bike.I would also imagine it would be better than the vibra tach the rangers use for sound tests.

The TT store also sells them. :)

Thanks Bill!!! :)

I mounted mine on the other side with velcro/adhesive. If you have a 450 you have to wrap the pickup around the coil not the wire !! I thought I was a real loser when I couldn't get mine to work. The directions were wrong, but DR. D set me straight.

Nice Job on the mounting Yamakaze! Looks very professional and safe from possible impact. Thanks for posting the pic. :)

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