Lubing the Swingarm

When you guys lubed the swingarm did you take all the bearings completely out to do it or was it enough to just check them and, if ok, lube and reassemble? If you did take them out, how did you get them out, did you just use a socket or something like it and punch them out?

The stuff that came out easy I took out and cleaned. The rest of it I cleaned and greased in place. The linkage is pretty easy, it all comes apart. Be sure to us a torque wrench to reassemble everything.

It's worth the effort, I could feel the improvement. :)


Chris in the Mojave

'98 YZ400F

Unless they are being replaced I would not recommend "punching" them out. That will probably bend or break them. They are a press fit. I just got as much of the old grease out as I could. (There wasn't that much in there anyways) Then I put fresh Moly grease in there. I greased the whole linkage, like Chris said everything that comes apart. There are other bearings that are a pressed fit as well. Just leave them in there unless they need replacing. Mine were fine. What a difference after greasing them up. I am definately greasing them a little more regularly now. I ride in a lot of sand, mud and water. Do the steering stem while you have the grease gun out. These are often neglected bearings. Big improvements can be felt in handling.

Actually, speaking of water, I drowned my bike last weekend. I got into a puddle that must of swelled up a lot because it turned out to be as deep as the handlebars. Anybody heard of a snorkel kit for these things??


99 YZ400 Stock!!

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