Stock levers are good.

I have bent the stock clutch lever on my 426 3 times, 2 of which were bad bends, and each time I have taken it off and bent it back. It hasn't broken yet. I have a new lever on hand and just use it for a pattern to get the bent one back to shape. Of course if it breaks while I'm trying to straighten it I have one to put on. Just letting you guys know that the stock levers are pretty damn good.

I agree, I have tried several other aftermarket levers none of which were as strong as the stock levers. But stock is the way this bike seems to perform at it's best. No suspension or pipe mods, and it runs just as good and fast all of the boys that have spent some crazy $$$ of suspension etc.

Motopro in Oceanside said the levers were on back order as well. That is why I tried a couple of the aftermarket levers. Much to my dismay! I got smart this time and ordered 3. What is up with Yamaha parts ordering? It seems most everything is on back order. anyone else get that feeling?

Have your dealers had the stock levers in stock? I have tried two different dealers and both of them have said they are on back order.

I don't want to defend Yamaha, but Suzuki is no better with keeping parts in their parts depots, I think it is just that they don't pay attention to that market. New bikes first, forget about the small stuff. They already have our money they were looking for....... Last year I busted a gear on my '98 street bike and waited a month, calling, faxing, begging Suzuki for a part when I finally found a drag racer on the net that had an extra motor. I paid more than new price for it. I agree, the manufactuers should put more effort in to customer support when it comes to spare parts!

I was shocked the other day when I went to my local Yamaha dealer (just opened in a temporary location) and they had a rear brake resevoir for my '98 YZ400 in stock. Hit and miss I guess...

Paul in AZ

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