Red sticker Blues

So the salesman told me I could ride anytime anywhere with a red sticker cuz they were not being checked, but I would hate to find out he was wrong, does anyone have any red sticker stories? Also that saleman said noise level was more of a concern then that dang red sticker. I put mine on upside down in protest. :)

I haven't been turned away yet on public land.The sound is the new issue but i tested at 93db with the baja baffle.

Are you going to the WCTT?Be cool to have another fourfitty there. :)

About a month ago I was riding in a national forest area when a ranger came through our camp to check stickers. We began to ask him some questions and he finally told us that he had been told to treat red stickers the same as green stickers and as long as our registration was current we were good to go. Apparently there has been a recent change in the red/green sticker law because several people have told me that 2002 and older bikes can now get green stickers even with the VIN # that indicates it should be a red sticker bike. A buddy with an '01 WR just went to DMV on Mon. and was able to get a green sticker. I'm not sure abou the '03 s though.

Yeah, I heard the same, green stickers for every one thru 02, that is cool the ranger did not care either, so I'm not worried, they got so many places to ride it will be hard to enforce the red sticker rule. Hopefully they will eliminate all red stickers cuz it is a BS rule and they know it...

"Ride Free Hedgehog"

Along the lines of whether or not they are going to start getting more stringent on the red/green thing... I have heard yes :). Now that they(dmv and CARB) did all their work to iron out the discrepencies of the past now I have heard that they may be more strict and enforce their new rules. :D

At Sand Mountain last weekend all the talk was about the CA DMV changing the rules. I guess they did such a horrible job of deciding what bikes are red/green, they are just starting over. So, everything is supposed to get a green sticker if it is 2003 or older. Hmmm. That will make a lot of my friends happy.

This isn't consistent with the CA DMV is now saying. I just called them and they say all bikes 2002 and older will be green and any bike 2003 or newer will be red... :)

Check and look for the ruling. It will tell you all you need to know, but 02 and older anre grandfathered to green regardless 03 and newer get red if they would have normally gotten red under the older rule or green if they would have normally gotten green :)

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