What gearing to run?

I'm new here and have just purchased a 98yz400. The bike is stock and needs chain and sprockets. I am going to put on an Oring chain and Fredette guide, but wondered if any of you have any suggestions on what sprockets to get. It has 14/49 on it now and I race hare scrambles in the tennessee area. It seems like going up on the rear a couple would help, but I would like some input from other yz owners. Thanks in advance.

I run 14X51 on my '98 for everything from desert to MX. I'm happy with it. I think you'll like it :-)


Chris in the Mojave

'98 YZ400F

Thanks Chris.


I have had excellent results running 15/53 gearing. I ran it on my 98 400, and I have it on my 426. With alum. sprokets and oring chain, it lasts a long time. I have had the best luck with Afam or Renthal sprockets and Regina chain.

Why go to 15? Less wear? BTW, thanks for the input. I am going to order steel sprockets, a chain guide, and an oring chain next week and I wanted to get the right setup.

I did the math and the 14/49 and the 15/53 are the same ratio at 3.5 . I think 14/51 or 14/52 will help out in slow technical stuff. I have til next monday to decide though.

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