Anybody break there collar bone I broke mine three weeks ago and it sucks how long did it take you to get back at riding full out.

Dude, I feel for you. I broke my right collarbone 2 months ago. I took me a little over a month to begin using my arm, and a couple weeks later I was crusing around on my bike. I wasn't doing any jumps because I didn't want to risk injurying myself and have to do everything all over. My doctor warned me that it will take another month before I'm fully healed and will be able to take falls again. It gets better once you can take the brace off.

Have a good brake from working and see a bunch of good movies.


Angel Boy

I broke mine a few years ago and it took 5 months to heal. It was broke in two places, though. Beer, movies, and a good woman to help take care of you. :)

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