2004 SloZuki ???

It would look better in blue... :)

They should sell lots of them.... They look great...

Looks like a yellow CRF to me. It seems strange that they are releasing a 250 before a 450, the opposite of what the other manufactures have done. Maybe cause of the new CRF 250 coming out? Or this thing's so fast it can take out the 450's because it's like two bikes in one! Lol. I think they're just going to retro fit a KDX 200 motor on to the existing motor to make it a 450!!! :D Or maybe they'll hook up four KLX 110 motors up together to make a 440. It will be the new thing! The aiplane look. I had a KLX 300 so I can't help but make fun of anything that has to do with Kawasaki. :):D:D

I have to say after all my trash talking that I hope this bike does well. I can't say how good it is that the 4 stroke market has exploded like it has! Gives us thumpers a lot of choices unlike the days past. :)

Im was hoping for a 450 Zuk to buy this fall, this 250 looks sweet but.... this fall, it may be time for me to switch over to the Blue Beast. :) Dam Suzuki!!

I agree Suzuki should have opened up their 4-stroke market with a kickass 450....Oh well. That little rocket will be fun if your under 190 lbs!

And hey..at least its not green!!

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