Holy Mother Of God!!!!!!!

:cheers:You guys should have told me how much of a change the free mods would be!!!!!!!!!! I'm actually a little scared when i get on the bike now!!! My WR426F is now a MONSTER!!!! :worthy:I send praises to those of you who answered my questions and guided me through these mods.

And to all those people who are not sure about taking on the task of the free mods...it's simple, follow the advice of the "experts" on this site, and you will not believe the change!!!!!! All of these changes, minus the throttle stop, can be reversed any time!!!

Once again, THANK YOU :)

When I brought my WR home, the first thing I did was take it for a spin aroun the neighborhood. I knew about the throttle stop, so I modified that first. went for a ride, and thought, "Big freekin' deal". (The R1 kinda leaves you jaded). Then I did all of the other mods, and now it won't stay in line in the corners. Every time I give it a little gas, It just kicks out into a big lurid slide. How am I going to be able to afford tires? This sucks. I think I'll change it back. :)

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