Wanted: YZF Gas Tank, cracked or damaged

Will trade a good tank for a bad one.

Originally posted by Scott F:

Will trade a good tank for a bad one.

Looking for a stock YZ426 gas tank. Mine cracked in two places. Do you know of one?





Hi Phil

Take the tank to anybody that does plastic welding. If they know what they are doing it will be as good as new

Hope this helps!!!!

Greetings from South Africa



Have you ever done this yourself? Is it hard? Can you buy kits?


You can buy gas tank repair kits at about any napa or other good auto parts store. The problem is they arent pretty. I used one on a plastic snowmobile tank two seasons ago and it still holds gas great. I was installing a heat exchanger and my drill bit poked the gas tank. To top it off I did it twice before I realized what was going on. Opps, hate to admit that one. Anyway the repair kits are epoxy that sets off and a lot of heat is given off when the catalyst is mixed in. The stuff is also black so it would look awful unless you just want to fix it for the season until you find a good used one. I'd be leary what a plastic weld would look like also, but I'm picky about my bike. Good Luck.

I purchased Plasti weld from a local dealer. I used a model airplane iron and a soldering iron to melt it into the tank. I used the airplane iron to smooth the weld when I was finished. It is Yamaha blue and looks pretty good. Actually compared to $200 for a new tank it looks really good. It seems to work very well too. I'll be riding tomorrow to find out if it will really hold up.


Don't waste your time with PlastI weld (at least for gas tanks). It does not withstand gasoline. I read on another site that polyetholyne (which is what our plastic is made of) can be melted and bonded back together. I used a peice of an old fender and melted in into my gas tank. If you melt it all of the way through it will be like new. You can repair all of your plastic this way.


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