Red hot pipe

After changing my oil the other evenong in my garage I started my bike and noticed the pipe started to get a nice red hot glow. All was well with the oil change so I asked my brother who rides an 02 YZ 426 if his pipe did this. His answer was no. I still am running the stock jetting with everything uncorked and after reading several posts I think I may be running a little lean and that is why the high heat. If anyone can confirm my suspicions that would be great. Or if the pipe turning that hot is normal, let me know. Thanks! :) '02 WR426 uncorked exhaust, stock jetting, grey wire, no airbox lid


Uncorked and stock jetting you probably are lean. As for the glowing headpipe this is very common if you let the bike idle very long.

The pipe turning red is normal and will be more noticeable in low lighting. These bikes are shipped from factory jetted very lean all corked up and if you remove snorkle and baffle you are going to make this condition worse. You should consider rejetting very soon or reinstall snorkle and baffle untill you can rejet. :)

The pipe on my 426 will glow for several inches just outside the header in low light conditions at idle too. This glowing was not effected by the fairly restrictive GYT-R insert. Don't forget that the extent to which you need rejetting will be influenced by your riding altitude.


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