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Just picked up my new 00 YZ426 today. I'm 5'6 and trying to setup the suspension. How far can I slide the forks up? I here 10 mm max. I would like to move them about 25 mm and install an 18' rear wheel. Would like to get it as low as possible without loosing too much.

How much preload can I take off and will it help in lowering the seat height?

Sprockets, what would be the best setup for woods, hare scrambles etc.

By the way, took my first ride today, man o man, what a bike.



00 YZ426

00 TRX300EX

71 XS650

I would probably stick with 10 mm on the forks. You can get a little more, but don't go overboard. The 18 inch wheel won't help anything either, because it has the same outside diameter as the 19 incher. You might want to play with the suspension clickers to soften it up for your weight. Or else you might have to go to softer springs. Softer springs can bring the seat height down a bit too. I weigh 185, and the stock setup is perfect for me. It will soften up some when you get a few hours on it too. Other than bars, my bike is stone stock, and I am pretty happy with it. I just need to get the power the way I like it, like my old 400!

I think the tranny ratios between the WR and YZ are very similiar for the first 3 gears. The WR guys are either going to a 1 tooth smaller countershaft sprocket or 2 teeth larger on the rear.

I went w/ the smaller countershaft.

The stock WR has a 14 tooth countershaft and a 50 tooth rear, I believe.


99 WR, all YZ mods, de-octopused, OEM YZ tank and seat, jetting by Clark, got forked by Pro Action.


For clarification: WE'LL be having a KICK ASS time in Moab!! Right Mitchy & Bill?!!

The WR and YZ gear ratios are very different, with the third gear set being the closest.

Originally posted by Scott F:

The WR and YZ gear ratios are very different, with the third gear set being the closest.

What is the difference in laymans terms?

So much for thinking...I thought I heard 4th, 5th were different, maybe 3rd too. But 1st, 2nd (3rd) were surprisingly close.


Do you know the actual numbers and the final gearing differences?

Gear Ratios:

WR400 YZ400 YZ426

1st - 2.416 1.929 1.846

2nd - 1.733 1.563 1.500

3rd - 1.312 1.278 1.278

4th - 1.050 1.091 1.091

5th - .840 .952 .952

The ratio of 1st/5th on WR is 2.9:1

The ratio of 1st/5th on a YZ400 is 2.0:1

The ratio of 1st/5th on a YZ426 is 1.9:1

---For an equal 1st gear speed by changing sprockets on each, if the 426 topped out at 60mph the YZ400 would be at 63mph and the WR would be at about 90mph for the same rpm's.

James Dean

I too am 5`6" and and had the same the same problem when I got my bike,But after I adjusted the race sag to 100mm and raised the fork tubes 3mm the bike is perfect how it is.good luck,I hope you enjoy your bike as much as I do.

see "gearbox ratio's" from June 23rd. excellent discussion.

has anybody mentioned the longer tie rod you can fit

on the rear to lower the bike (devol?). i'm sure it's far more successful than putting softer suspension in. the poor man's never going to get over 40mph without losing it.

look in old archives for the lowering of the forks done by clark. if you hit hard rocks you need the 18" rear to stop the punctures.

at the end of the day try not to fudge or compromise the set up of your bike. if it needs a hard spring-keep it! find the answer elsewhere.

If you're concerned about seat height, I'm 5'9" but short legs, you can try the bridgestone m series tires. I use the soft terrain model,m26, and it has a shorter profile. After finding this tire and then worrying about flats, I used the bridgestone ultra heavy duty tubes which are thicker than moose hd tubes. I was surprised at how much dabbing ability I gained with these tires.

James Dean:

You've posted that for an equal first gear speed on the 426 vs WR, the WR would go faster at the same RPM. Actually, it's just the opposite, the 426 would go faster in first gear because it's "higher" (lower number meaning less reduction).

What you say is true, however, in fourth and fifth gear - the WR is faster than the YZF given the same RPM and sprocket sizes.

Or did I misunderstand your post?

OK. I set the forks at 10 MM up in the triple clamp and took 5 full turns off the rear spring preload. (1.5 mm per full turn), (Standard preload is 253 mm and I'm at 260.5) front tire pressure is at 13 psi, rear at 15 psi. and working on the damping for front and rear. Getting better by the second. Does it sound like I'm way off on anything? Having a problem planting the frontend in the corners, wants to push up and out. Is this because of the 10 mm adjustment in the T-clamp. Is the front end too light? Just ordered the Scotts Dampner, CNC clamp and Pro Taper bars.

What else can I blow some coin on to make better?



00 YZ426

00 TRX300EX

71 XS650


You misunderstood James reply. What James is saying is that if you change sprockets on the bikes to equalize their speed in 1st at a given RPM, then in 5th, thats how their top speeds would compare. He was just ilustrating the closeness of gear ratio's on the 426 compared to the 400 and WR.


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