Digital cameras and Kinko's..

I just wanted to share what a good expierence I had with taking pictures and turning them into prints using the Kodak image maker found at Kinkos..

Last Wednesday I worked at the "Jimmy Kimmel Live" show. The guests for the show were Jillian Barbari,Deonne (s?) Sanders,the "Transplants" and oh ummmmmm.... Ricky Carmichael and James "Bubba" Stewart... Knowing that I had to set up a couple of camera cranes for the show I brought my Nikon Coolpix camera and a couple of batteries. During the practice I got some great photos of Bubba whippin it, Ricky showed up late in the day so I didn't get a lot of photos of him, and I was really busy later in the day...

Anyway as the day progressed I took 99 photos of Bubba and the band "Transplants".

This morning I decided to print out a few select photos, the only problem I have is that I don't own a printer at all.. No problem, Kinkos as a really nice, user friendly printer that takes jpeg's and prints out beautiful prints.. An 8x10 costs about $5.00 and a frame at the local "Hoopers" camera store is about $7.00..

The finished product is amazing. No developing,no waiting. Just take your cd in with your Jpeg and the machine does the rest..... If you don't currently own a digital camera you're missing out on a lot.. I carry one everywhere I go, you never know when you're gonna see something you'll want to share with someone else, great for family gatherings,camping and of course motoing.. You can always erase the images free of charge with digital technology..


Check out my super deluxe camera jib on the right side of the frame....... :)

Cheers, Dan

Very Cool Dan! I have a Canon EOS and have used several Nikon digital cameras with pretty good success except with action shots. With the EOS I can rap off shots but with the Nikons the delay keeps me late or early while I'm trying to adjust.

Digital is the way to go, take a ton of pictures, delete the bad ones without the developing. Do you have any others you want to share? :)

Definately cool :) Sounds like I need to get a better Digi Cam! Mine sucks!!!

I guess you know what a cool job you have.BTW my wife bought a HP photo printer for $150. Its about the size of a small speaker(pretty compact). It takes all the different media cards also.

I agree I have a really crappy little digital but I wouldnt go back to a regular camera for love or money!!!

494 posts....silver coming up!! :)


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