Do you really want to touch that start button?

:) Well 42 total miles on bike, first ride out and the rotor key sheared. . I had to be towed out by a four wheeler. Glad I brought along a tow strap. It was my first ride and yes the dealer did perform the lap and loctite procedure in the TSB. So if you’re really far out you my just want to consider the kick starter. Really thought the bike was awesome otherwise.
:) Got bike back today after dealer performed TSB for second time. He seemed really confident that I wouldn't have a problem again. Took it for a 22 mile loop, couldn't stand the pelting snow squaw any longer and went home. Bike runs 100%. Hope all will be well with it now.

Hope you dont. Sucks to have to keep taking a new bike back in for service even if its covered.

Good luck with it this time around. :)

it doesn't matter whether you use the e-button or the kick starter. my key sheard when i was kick starting it and it back fired. so it's just luck of the draw. although more have seemed to shear it with the button.

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