NC Crew..........chime in.......

Live in Durham........well actually Orange County, but I have a Durham address. I also work in Chapel Hill.....

Wazzup Darren! Wow I haven't been in here in quite an while! Still kinda dark and dust with cobwebs! LOL :bonk:

I'm here also... :bonk:

Wassup Doc???

Kelloggss here in little ol Sylva,NC near wayahutta atv,500 sportsman HO 2005.Lots of private trails right from the back yard .

here in Holly Springs.

Mike here in Greensboro NC

Old, slow and loving it.

2006 YZ250

Uhwarrie, Brushy, and TNT are primary stomping grounds

Local: I mess around at Wolf Island Downs.

Charlotte, NC here riding a 08 rappy 700. Haven't rode it much since i got it a few months ago.

Jeremiah in Willow Springs, NC here. Just south of raleigh 5 miles off exit 312 on I-40, pretty small town. I ride a Yamaha Banshee and a Kawasaki KX 100, my dad rides a KX250.

I like to ride at Busco Beach, since I can't find any other decent riding area within 60 miles... if you have some private land or know of some secret spots within 50 miles of zip code 27592 PLEASE let me know.

we ride at NC outdoor park outside of zebulon,

2475-2911 Hayes Rd

Spring Hope, NC 27882

is the address, it is a PRIVATE park, which means you cant pay for the day, you have to pay for the year about 350ish

there is no extra charge for vehicles or people its a family rate.

You can bring 2 friends ONLY.

he just added a small mx track

there are plenty of trails

he wants to add a larger mx track

There is a 100yd rifle range



port o potties

small lake for kid fishing.

If there are 10 people there riding on any given day that is a lot, most of the time we are out there there are maybe 3-4 other people riding.

this is NOT brush mt or busco, just a place to ride around and shoot guns and camp out.

PM me if you want to come out some time when i am out there.

how big is it tomatolord?

we ride at outback, cape fear atv, devils ridge, and a couple local spots, I also dualsport ride

Here is his craigslist post..

IMHO - this is a GREAT place for kids to ride all day without worrying about them

My boys ride a 100 and 225 and ride all day and have fun, i ride a 650 joyner dune buggy :-)

This is NOT a busco or devils ridge by any means, but then it is 1/2 the price.

IF you want to ride send me a PM and next time I am out i will let you know via text.

What better way to break that stress level than to get your bike/atv out and ride! We have 380+/- acres just 20 minutes east of Raleigh off US 64 highway. Lots of trails, some wooded, some open fields. Motocross, Motorcycle, and Atv friendly trails, go karts too! Our land was designed for youth trail riding! Take your family to a safe place. We offer 2 membership options, #1-one year at $395, #2-6 months for $250 includes yourself, spouse, and up to 2 guests. We have a camping area with power and toilets as well as 2 stocked ponds with great fishing. This is a family rate, you, spouse, kids. With your membership you are allowed 2 guests per visit. Interested? We send out an online invoice which you have 48 hours to pay. Any questions? call Gev @ 919-744-1959 or email us through this ad. Serious inquiries only please. Note: There is NO daily rate, never has been, never will be. Please do not waste your time & ours asking about daily rates, we do not offer any. Once your membership fee is paid you receive a code and will have access anytime. 919-744-1959 Over 6 miles of new trails, picnic area, restrooms, new tracks for motocross, stocked lakes, updated campsites! Rated best park in NC by several Outdoor forums!

Gastonia, NC (Actually Dallas,NC If anyone knows where that is!)

2004 Sportsman 600 Vtwin quad

2004 YZ450F bike

Actually looking for some people to ride with if anyones close and interested!

Smithfield NC here.. Take my boy to busco, (weekdays only) Lookin some places also. Hit me up here


I was also under the impression that you could ride Louisburg for the day if you paid for a membership.

Edited by actmyage450

nah he wont do day members, it has to do with the insurance, but I can bring 2 GUESTS, so let me know send a pm if you want to go..

sounds good... thx

Anyone ride out at NCMP in Henderson? Their site looks great, but i'm wondering if it's kid-friendly... Price looks pretty decent, $35 annual membership and then $25 for 8yrs and older after the 1 time membership fee. Any feedback?

no but i know lots of people that do and it is primarily a motocross place, lots and lots of motocross stuf and a few trails. They loved it

very nice facilities

if you noticed it requires BOTH parents to sign the registration fee, although what do you if one parent is dead?

anyway people like it.

Ft Bragg hear looking for some places to ride since I can't ride on post thousands of acres with great fire breaks but they want let you on any of them

I ride on post, but my bike is plated

we are riding at cape fear atv park tomorrow, it's not far from bragg, on the south end is outback atv park

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