Will a 2003 YZF 450 exhaust system fit the 2003 WR

Anyone using an 03 YZF 450 exhaust system on their 03 WR450?? If so, how is the performance? I have a Canadian model 2003 WR 450 and the exhaust baffle cannot be removed. I'm thinking of getting a YZF exhaust (not the header pipe). Thanks for the advice in advance. Please email me at estebansoolum@aol.com

Yes it will, then do the free mods and ya-hooo :jawdrop:Hang on tight....

I just installed the FMF titanium 4 system on my WR450 which is made for the YZ 450. My bike was fast before, but now it is a GROUNDSTOMPIN, FIREBREATHIN, DRAGON!!!!!! It is a little loud though so you might want an insert for trail riding.

I just intalled a YZ450 Pipe I scored from ebay on my WR450 and it bolted right up. You just need a longer rear bolt since the mount bracket on the yz pipe is thicker than the wr's stock pipe. You need to carve a little on the rear fender to make a larger area for the rear mount bracket to fit through. Other than that it is a perfect fit. I also picked up a Pro Moto Billet end cap with the spark arrester and the quiet insert and it breathes way better than the Canadian stocker and is a little louder. My guess is it's probably at 95-96db. If you remove the quiet insert it must be 101db, maybe a little more than the stocker. I saved about $80 from bying the FMF Q and it is tunable for Moto. I noticed an increase in throttle response and it has a better mid hit and more top. I may need to put in a larger main jet and I moved the clip down one spot on the needle. It looks pretty trick too.

Canadian WR450 W/Street Plate, Baja Designs dual Sport Kit, YZ 450 Pipe/Pro Moto Billet end cap, e-line skid plate, frame guards, fork guards, Pro-tapers, Devol Rad Guards, Digital Speedo, Cycra MX Hand guards, Half Vent Front Nuber plate & YZ rear fender for moto.

Stock is 48 pilot, 160 Main for now/may need to increase it, Canadian needle jet is 3 richer than US and the clip is in the 5th position

I bolted one on mine and noticed the motor rves quicker and has more power all the way through the power band...way too loud though

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