Baja Designs Brake Switch Bad Shuts Bike Off!

Any one experience this? Every time I touched my rear brake it would sut the bike off. The brake light would come on but the bike would shut down.

When I applied the brake by hand I got a nice zap. I assume the switch must have a gasket inside that is bad and the switch is grounding out.

No my brake lignt works fine. Just keep blowing headlight. Any chance you have a wire crossed?

Yeah you probaly got a bad wire or sumthing.Id redo it all and check all your wires and connections.

Checked all the wiring, I bypassed the switch and everything worked fine. It is definitely in the switch.


I am having a problem starting my bike after what I thought was a fouled plug, but now that I read this post, Im beginning to think it may be the brake switch thats causing the problem. Im gonna yank it, and report back.


I put a new switch in and all is fine.

Another problem I experienced was a bad horn shutting the bike off. Everytime I moved the B.D. main switch around it would activate the horn which was bad and it would shut the bike off. Or if I pushed the swich for the horn it would shut the bike off. A new horn solved the problem.

I've been having trouble with my bike... guess I'll have to check the brake switch and horn. Wish I'd seen this a month ago... I went through all the ignition wiring trying to find the problem.


I tried to pm you, second time I have had problems. On "my home" the pm does not show up.

I will be in Hicksville for a week to take my son to a football camp. I see it is near you. Is there any decent riding out that way. Would it be worth taking my bike?

Hey Tim,

Hicksville is pretty much in the middle of the island. Theres not much room for riding there, unless you head out east. Too many hotels, malls, and golf courses, and not enough trails. IMO, its not worth bringing the ride.

We are doing a ride near Harriman, NY this weekend if your interested.

I just thought Id post back here what my prob was. Turns out, my stator is shot. Dont know if that had anything to do with the switch, but im $230 in the hole for a new one. :)

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