Need help with YFZ 450 electrical problem


I have a 05 YFZ 450, the bike has no spark.

I found that the stator wires were cut by the nerf bars, so it was replaced along with the pulse coil, and still no spark.

swapped out the CDI and the rectifier located in the front center of the bike and still no spark.

I did not replace the rectifier that sits on the right side of the bike, not sure if that is tied into the ignition as well?

I already checked the switch off the clutch and that's not the problem.

I know the bike has some diods wondering if that also could be the problem.

I have a multi meter but no values on testing anything.

Appreciate any help.



new pulse,stator, and ecm

you should check all the wire in the ign system. from the ecm to the switches conectors and componets. check the coils as well with your meter, at this point you need to alot of resistance checks through every thing. but the best thing is buy a service manual it will help alot more than i can cuz i can see the bike and i dont know what kind of coil it is. as for diode im not sure if your bike has clutch diodes. but the rectifier has nothing todo with the ign. thats only for chargeing systems. for diodes your should only get a reading on way and not the other. if you do its bad. feel free to ask more i have no problem helping

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