KACHINA - Roll Call

Calling all Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Arizona enduro lovers!!Ok whos got the goods and can prove it? Should be a hoot....hope to see you all there. :)

Stopped by on the way back from Moab the other day and rode the area for about an hour. Lots of loose dusty ridges. About a quarter inch of rain 4 or 5 hours before key time might be real nice. Gonna be a hoot.

I don't know about proving any goods, but I'll be there. Will be doing a rain dance, unless I end up on minute 1 or 2!

Green GMC 1/2T with pop-up trailer camper.

Leaving "the goods" at home, but bringing my old, out-of-shape

a$$ along instead. Be there sometime Saturday around noonish.

White/Purple Winnebago, grey/black Haulmark trailer. Colo

plates that read: THMERFS

Drop by, say "hi" :)


I'll be there. Red chevy pick-up with Colorado pioneer plates.

Hey guys we have actually had some moisture in the last few days....with more in the forecast.At any rate its been much wetter than last year and the temps look to be perfect for riding. Keep you posted. :)

This event looks a little longer than previous years. Looks like you'll be missing out on about 10 miles Merf, I expect you'll have at least 2-3 beers down by the time I get back to camp??

> Looks like you'll be missing out on about 10 miles Merf, I expect you'll have at least 2-3 beers

> down by the time I get back to camp??

Checked the TSCEC discussion board... Ken's leaving that open

and said he'd take a vote at the riders meeting. His crew suspected

that the additional mileage would not be good for us lowly "B"

riders so they hacked out 10 or so miles. We'll see whether

we're stuck in there or not. According to Ken, it's, uh,


If we're not challenged, then yea, 2 beers min...


Interesting info Merf, kinda seems in contradiction to the usual sadism displayed by trail markers/promoters. There's a speed change after the B riders are scheduled to drop off, you would think people would need to know their course info before the riders meeting, so their computers are set right without last minute scrambling. Guess you could just program the computer as if you're doing the whole length of it, and if it ends early it'll be no big deal?

How long would the drive be from Denver and can I enter at the last minute? I would probably need a roll chart holder and a digital watch for my first time out....I did get a scorecard holder.....do you mount those things with the top towards the bars or opposite? Thinkin about losing my enduro virginity this sunday.


According to Mapquest, it's 5:51 from COS... I'm guessing

6:20 from Denver? Yes, you can enter at the last minute.

The scorecard holder needs to go on the front fender.

You usually tape the scorecard to the front fender so

the checkworkers always know where they are.

C'mon down an bus' that cherry...



Kachina is not even 5 hours from my house in south Colorado Springs, so maybe 6-6.5 hours. It will seem like a blink of the eye to me after the last 9-10 hour drive to Kalgary TX. Yes, you can enter when you arrive there, either Saturday or Sunday. I would recommend doing the sign-up on Saturday, leaves you alot less confusion and last minute stuff the morning of the race. Mount the scorecard holder on your fender with the top facing the bars, you want the scoring people to be able to read it as you pull into the checks. Put your rollchart holder on your bars, near the left grip. This way you can adjust it while riding and keeping a hand on the throttle. Put some clear tape over the rollchart holder plastic lens after loading the rollchart, helps to ensure it won't go flying off. You'll need some of that tape to piece the rollchart together, it comes in page-long strips for the TSCEC enduros, and they'll have the rollchart at sign-up for $4.

From the discussion Merf mentioned, looks like they've got some new trail for all riders, should be great fun. Just do it!

Racemile you can always enter at the last minute.Just make sure you get there early on Sunday.Its a good first timer Enduro.

Iam in NM so I can't be much help with the miles and time. I guess it depends if you wan't to take I-25 all the way or the scenic route. 285 goes all the way to Espanola or maybe 64 through Taos. I am sure Merf or Rex have the route down. :)

285 is about an hour quicker than going all the way down to Sante Fe and cutting back North. Raceamile I'm gonna throw Merf under the bus on this one because I know he likes it but either of us would be happy to help ya with questions when you get down there, or before up here. Just let us know.

Where is everybody at in the race. My number is 7C. I guess I got lucky enough so that I can get schooled by the guys who actually know what they are doing. :)

I'm not sure, I didn't include an envelope to get my number.

Did you get an entry confirmation with your number Wicked, or did you call the promoter to find out your number? I sent an envelope with my entry but have not received it back yet.

Endo -- Where's Olichney? I thought he was riding with you?

Mike's friend Terrance can't make it, but Mike is still planning on being there for the race. Last email I got from him said he is trying to find someone to carpool with from the Denver area. Did you get your number yet?

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