KACHINA - Roll Call

Nope, like you, I didn't send in an SASE...


I just gave them a call to get my number.

I've been writing up a roll chart. It's pretty easy until I get to all the free time and resets at off numbers like 26.85 then I get confused. Why aren't they resetting on a whole tenth (26.8)? How do I tell when I will be at 26.85, add seconds to the min where I would be at 26.8? :) See ya all down there. :D

Thanks Wicked, I'll give them a call tonite. Dude, I would save yourself the grief of trying to manually make out a route sheet and pop $4 for one when you get down there.

It sure is nice though to have the race info on-line the week before the event, wish some RMEC events would do the same.

Cool! I'll might do that since I probably won't be able to read my own handwriting during the race :). I think I'll still give it a shot at writing it out though so I get a feel of what to expect.

Jared, you can make a simple roll chart using Excel. I did

it last night. Here's a quick tutorial:

Column A is speed, Column B is mileage, Column C is minutes.

format column A,C as numbers no decimals

format column B as numbers, 2 decimal places

define A0 14

define B0 0.0

define C0 0

define A1 14

define B1 (B0 + (A1/60)

define C1 (C0 + 1)

Copy as needed and change the speeds where they come up

on the route sheet. Once you've done all the speed changes,

review the mileages and eliminate anyplace where the mileage

isn't a whole tenth (like 10.47 instead of 10.4) Where there

are whole tenths, and whole minutes, and not 2 miles before

known controls (Gas checks and known finishes), that's where

the checks are possible. It sounds confusing, but if you go

through the above, you'll understand it more.

To answer your question:

You'll know when you're at a reset at 26.85 because there

will be a sign stating that you're there. You don't add

minutes at this point, only roll your mileage forward. Your

clock NEVER changes, only your mileage. Free time just

means you can wait there until it's time to go (or, HINT,

ride at a more relaxed pace to .2 miles before the next

POSSIBLE checkpoint)

See ya there and don't hesitate to ask questions. Even tho

Rex kicked me under the bus, I can check TT from work.. :)


Hey Racemile, I saw you were thinking of going. My friend cancelled so I am looking for someone to go with. If you are interested, let me know. I did this one last year.

I have only rode once since the last HS. I pull out my WR to get it ready, and the middle intake valve is toast. I have a YZ250F that I am now swapping the suspension with the WR so I will have a cushy ride. No odometer at all, I am just going to try and keep Endozens dust in sight. If he flats or something, I am just out for a trailride. I race B because if I am going to drive more than 6 hours to a race, I want to ride as much as possible. If you ride C, this course should be technically easy. It didn't get difficult last year until the second loop, and the Cs dont do that. The nice thing about these races is that if you don't know what your doing, few people know or care.

These things are pretty low key, dangerwise, compared to HS or MX. You are racing the clock rather than head to head, so the testosterone levels are alot lower. But they are tiring, you will be bushed at the end of the day. They are a really good time, they have to be, to make 12-14 hours of driving worth it.

Called last night, we're right behind you Wicked on minute 8! Will see you at the start if not before.

> Called last night, we're right behind you Wicked on minute 8!

LOL.. Wicked, you wanted to be schooled... Watch out for that

520 roost... :)


Just don't use me for added traction :)

Not sure what Merf is talking about, the only roost coming off my bike is fragrant flower petals. Seriously, I think you'll find most singletrack racers are courteous. What class are you riding in?

This is my first enduro so I'll be riding in the C class. I figured the shorter course would be best until I get the time keeping thing down. Looking at the route sheet, the A and B course isn't a much longer. What class are you in? My strategy is to keep up with a guy on my row with an enduro computer :)

Glad to hear you're giving enduros a try, you won't regret it! Any questions or concerns you may have, myself, Merf, Rex, or about 100 other riders would be glad to help out. The A & B may not seem like much further in miles, but you can't judge the difficulty by sheer mileage. After the C's are done, you can be assured that the bulk of whatever is left will be 1st and 2nd gear stuff. Sounds like you have a good plan in mind, you may find yourself forgetting all about timekeeping when you get behind in the tough sections. Just be sure you stay hydrated, it's an easy thing to underestimate but can wreck havok on your physical and mental processes.

I ride in the oldfart(Senior) A class.

I ride in the oldfart(Senior) A class

Haaa, old fart my A**. I have a buddy in the class and look at the scores there, you guys are fast, this year seems to be a tough class so far too.

Besides Racemile, anyone interested in going down from the Boulder Denver area? I need another person to go. I cant face 14 hrs of driving by myself (or the gas $). Anyone interested please post. I am in Lyons and can pick you up on the way down. I have an RV with trailer to stay in, or you can do the race hotel if you like.

> I ride in the oldfart(Senior) A class.

Hmmm, like John Blythe? OA A winner of 3 enduros this year? :)

Agreed on the tough competition this year, although the results so far have been skewed by the Texas racers, most of which won't be doing many of the RMEC events. There are some fast riders down there! Blythe is a former AA who looks like he wants to regain his AA status for next year, he still has all his speed. Unless he has problems, any race he is at turns into a race for 2nd place.

Mike, sure hope you can hook up with someone and make it down this weekend. Let me know if I can help somehow.

I would mike, but I'm going to stop off to visit my parents in Colorado Springs Friday night. Hope you make it down.

Were you racing RMEC when John was the Beer Wolf at Limon?

He was dressed in "Coors Beer Wolf" costume and was the "hare"

for an impromptu Hare and Hound after the race. Hotshoes Dennis

Larrat and Troy Raynor were among the hounds. They couldn't

catch him for crap... he finally overheated from wearing the

costume and Dennis finally caught him.

I ran into John at Aztec last Thursday. He's well aware that

he's encroaching into AA territory again and said he probably

wouldn't ride much next year and would instead work with son

Ian... I took about 5 laps of helmet cam footage of Ian.. he's

going to be as smooth as his dad...

John's last comment was "Screw this motocross. I'm gonna go find

some rocks to ride in!"

Mike, hope you find a partner! I have a full boat or I'd pony-up

with you..



It's official dude. My 3rd interview is 10:00am Monday morning. I have research to dig up to prepare for this chat. I can't risk missing the research or wadding myself up and missing this interview.

I am really sorry. I was hoping this would be a great 40th birthday (May 5th) present to myself.

Hope you find another ride along. I would be more than happy to pool up next time.


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