Rubicon 500 ( GRINDING!! )


i have a Foreman Rubicon 500 that starts grinding about 30 seconds after i start moving, i did an oil change about 3 months ago, what gives? :bonk: someone please help me, i cant figure it out :bonk: and i really rely on this bike:cry:

drain the oil and look for any metal bits coming sounds like a gear has gone bad in the transmission.but you say it happens 30sec after you start moving.if it was a gear i would think you would hear it all the time not 30sec after it starts to very well could be somthing in the clutch

the clutch is what i was thinking after looking through the Clymer repair manual, and from what it looks like in the book, no matter the problem i'm probably going to have to pull the motor :bonk: and that is never an easy task :bonk: , Thank you for the reply :bonk:

pullin motors out of any quad sucks but honda's seem to be easier than some others ive done

Pulling this motor out is not an easy task.

what year honda is this?, if its before 05, you got a good chance the hondamatic unit has failed. it is a complete replaceable unit, not cheap, and hard to find, becouse any that you find parting out will most likely becouse of this. I've been there, found one on ebay that i made an offer on.

yeah it dose sound like its the clutch becuse it use a centrifical to gice power to the main clutch pack. remeber to change your oil before 600mi. cuse your hondamatic realise on the oil cause thats what drive it. there are no gears involved in it. 10w40 is what the man calls for.

Grinding/ratcheting usually needs a new Hondamatic unit ...

Grinding/ratcheting usually needs a new Hondamatic unit ...

Does anyone know what this illusive " Hondamatic " looks like or where on the motor its located?? :bonk:

We've changed dozens & dozens hydrostatic units since 2001 , it's approx. a 10 hour job .. Honda Canada was helping the owners out on either parts or labour or both but they now unless it's in the 2005 or newer your pretty much on your own..





:worthy: HOLY :bonk:!! those Hondamatics are expensive, the one one i found is on Bike Bandit for $1288.16 :banana::bonk::lol::banana::bonk::lol:, Is this a normal price? is there anywhere cheaper? if this is so i think my Rubicon is finished!:banana:, my local shop charges $98 per hour, how hard is it really to change these:excuseme:, can it be done at home?, i'm pretty good at spinning wrenches, but this has got me rattled! :bonk: never thought that would happen, what do ya think guys?

Check with service honda website, they were the cheapest when i needed one. i put it in myself, alot of work but if you do your own engine work/rebuilding, you can do it. The price is high ,And the ones parting out on ebay and other sites is usually becouse of the failed unit. They updated these units several times since 01, so if you buy new it will be the superseded part number.

whats your location ? maybe someone on here can take the job on for you.

anything can be done with a service manual buy one its worth it

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