Anyone take out the e-start????

I have begun pulling the e-start on my 450.I don't think i'll need it.I've only needed it once since i've had the bike.So off it goes. :D.

I'm thinking of leaving the starter in until i get a plug made up.

So my questions are:

How much of the wiring can i pull out? Or should i just tape off the ends and leave it in.

Do i still need the rectifier?

I'm leaning towards pulling the battery and e-start, leaving all the wiring that can't be easily put back. ie:It has no quick connector.

Anyone else done this?Any tips or comments would be appreciated.


Bill :D:)

I'm probably not going to be too much help here but I've been working on getting rid of all of the starting parts also. I've removed the air box lid, battery, on/off switch, and I'm working on getting the starter motor out of it. Have you seen the rats nest of wires under the gas tank? It's not pretty. I ended up just giving up on trying to unplug connecters in this area because after tracing wires it seems like you would have to almost totally rewire the bike to have it still fire. The wiring diagram isn't too helpful either. I ended up having to leave that fuse box that acts as a resistor or capacitor (I don't know what is) for the battery for the bike to run. I took the on/off switch off buy just splicing the two I believe brown and red wires together to have a continous circut. This can easily be changed back if need be. I think I'm going to just look into getting a YZ wiring harness if they're available and not too expensive, that I can hack up and learn from. Good luck, and if you figure out any mysteries let us know! smashpc.gif

Why would you want to?

Thats like taking out Angelie Jolie's implants.

:) they're implants !!!! NOOOOOO.... :D

Just get the YZ cover. Take out the battery and leave the wiring. I can not imagine taking it out myself. It has come in very handy if I stall it in tight places. If you are going to slow to bump start it just hit the button and you are gone! I think the 7 pounds you would save just would not be worth it. ---Mike

Why would you want to?

I'm a young guy and don't mind kicking the bike over.For now i'm just going to remove the battery and open up the airbox.If i don't see a big difference in performance i'll put it all back how it was. :D

Thanks for breaking my heart :) on anglia jolie.I thought they were real. :D

Thanks for the input guys.I'm taking it out on thurs without the estart.Maybe i'll have it back in by friday. :D

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