what gas for the WR

What gas are you running in the WR's? My manual says 94 octane for the WR426. Pump gas here in Colorado is usually 91 at most.

Octane enhancer?

Mix aviation gas?

Just use 91?


I run 91 octane.Or i sometimes run unocal unleaded 100 and 91 with a 50/50 mix.


I use 92 octane. Runs perfect...I think :)

Straight old 91 octane pump gas...

I used to use that PJ1 octane booster in my 400 and I think it ran worse than with plain old super unleaded. Could be my imagination and the fact it was 8 bucks per can though. :)

93 octane pump gas. It's my understanding that all higher octane fuels (aka race gas) do is eliminate preignition (pinging.) In other words, if it's not pinging, then the octane is high enough. Even though these motors are high compression, 93 octane gas is good enough to eliminate pinging in my motor. Probably at higher elevations lower octane will work just fine. Anything more than high enough octane to keep from pinging is a waste of money. (Unless the gas you get is so crappy that it gums up the carb-but that's another issue.)

mycr500, check my post "Octane Explained" :)

my 14~1 97mm motor ran great on premium pemex.

It actualy didn't make any more power with 106leaded(B37)

with mtbe added to tailor the pressure rise for the yz bore size at rpm. This is a great combustion chamber that is very tolerant of pump premium.

here is the old dyno stuff

hope this helps :)


Thanks for sharing it!


Mobil's premium is 93 octane. Close enough. Runs great.

I use the same Unocal 100 mixed per the chart with 91 octane to get 98 octane, and it seems to me to have better response on low-end acceleration (although this could be all-in-my-head) :D :D :)

VP C-14 50/50 with pump gas, in baltimore md. No problems so far.

Today for the first time i made up a mix of 98 octane fuel and an octane booster(the booster product claims to give an increase of 2-4 octane`s depending on the amount you add),i have not had a chance to give the bike a rite good test yet but on the short test run i did,i`m sure the motor does seem to be running smoother,as for any real power gain i`m not so sure! :)

Oh by the way, stay away from oxygenated gas.

You mean frothy gas,or do you wanna share! :)

I'm running 93 from the local pump. I've had no problems whatsoever.

I don't know what you mean by "frothy gas". Over here in the states, our gas has Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether (MTBE) added to it in and around big cities (and probably the entire state of California) to make our cars run cleaner.( :D) What it really does is lean out the fuel mixture so anything that burns it runs like crap. Kind of like putting water in it! If water mixed with gas, they would probably use that instead. The really nice side effect is that now it's poisoning our ground water! Normal purifying process does not remove MTBE. Let's see, we die from the hole in the ozone, which is B.S. anyway, or we die from cancer from drinking water poisoned with MTBE. Can anyone say "Big time F--KUP "? Lets all thank the Ecologists for their glorious contributions to our health. :)

93 Octane has never given me a problem. I have heard of the higher Octane race fuels burning slower and therefore your ignition timing may not be as ideal. I would use 94 octane if I could find it regularily. :)

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