Hey guys, I crossed over to The WR450F Club today

Traded off my 2001 DRZ400E today for a WR450F. I have had only a couple hours to ride tonight but am I pumped, what a great handling and running bike.. I watched them due the Woodruff key mod. out of the box this a.m. and am convinced it will hold together. I bought a three year warranty which covers most everything on the bike including 3 tune ups, w / valve adjustments,ect., 20% off all parts, labor and merchandise and three oil changes. I will try to read as many previous posts and mods. before I ask too many dumb questions. :):DDirtstiff

Hey can you get those two Bulldozers out to the Flying M and break us some new trails in all those worthless clearcuts that are out there now!!! Now that you joined the 450 club for initiation you have to go up Back to Back and Big Bertha while it's snowing! just kidding :)

yeah me too :)

Man, Back to Back and Big Bertha Bring back a lot of memories. That is were I learned to ride back in the mid 80's. Is it still good riding? I miss those days on my old TT250 and TT500. What a tank that was.

There's still a lot of good trails around here. Especially around Bertha/Murphy's camp. Really wide and fast but tecnichal and rocky as hell in some spots. Toll Rd/Flying M side has tons of trails shooting off it. That's our usual stomping grounds. From what I've heard while hanging out at the bottom between failed attempts, Back to Back is way worse and rutted now than it used to be. As to when it could have been good puzzles me!!! I'd really like to know how that hill was ever made and how long it's been there. Any ideas?????? :D:)

I know it's been there awhile. I belive my Dad use ride it in the mid 70's. I'll ask him if he has any ideas. He use to hunt up there when he was a kid. When it was good was kind of a joke. It was still hard as hell back then.

Right on, looking forward to any info! I just got my avatar below my name over on the left working finally. Look familiar??? :D:D:)

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