background wanted

Does anyone have any good background yz400 pictures? How about screen savers?



nick, when we get together again at mx573, i'll bring my digital camera and you could use a picture of yourself(or me!!). I'm pretty well healed up, just need to find time to ride. my schedule currently would be sometime mid to late august to go riding at mx573. i'm doing the harescramble at jack frost on the 16th, are you interested? let me know if you want to go.

If I'm not mistaken Unadilla National is the sixteenth. If so I'll be going to that otherwise I may do a harescramble. Let me know when you want to go to mx537.

No, however there is a free webpage that I stumbled across called "" goto wheels and find motocross stuff. It looks like it is mostly AMA photos, but they can be set up as screen savers or wall paper. Just a thought.

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