For those that have cut their BLUE (gearbox) wire

I am installing a Vortex CDI along w/ a coil-on-cap sparkplug cap on my 99 WR400. To try and simplify the wiring mess, I removed ALL of the electrical tape/wrapping on everything.

[i disconnected the blue wire last year].

What I found out surprised me :D. If you look at the wiring harness that comes from your neutral position switch, you'll see 4 wires {this is the wiring that attaches to your engine just above the countershaft sprocket).

After removing all of the electrical tape, the only wire that attaches to ANYTHING is the BLUE WIRE! The rest are just dead leads wrapped up so you cannot see they attach to NOTHING.

Since I hate wiring, especially wiring that does nothing but interfere w/ anything/everything, I REMOVED the entire wiring harness and cut the wires at the neutral switch.

As an FYI, the YZ does not have this (as far as I know) and Ty Davis sells a plug to replace this OEM plug, free and clear of any neutral position wire.

On this website, it has been mentioned this wire is a rev limiter for neutral position of your gearbox.

Also, there has been reports of easier starting :)(blue wire suppresses engine voltage/current) w/ this wire cut.

Thanks Kevin. I cut mine when I first got the bike and did the gray wire. I did not realize all the wires going down there did nothing. I will plug it and pull the wires from the bike over the winter when I am tinkering and there is snow on the ground. :)

Yeah, I noticed the same thing. I have ZipTy replacement cap and it is great. I removed all the cables and stuff. I see no difference on engine start as I never had any problems starting my engine (1st or 2nd kick), but I like the clean look. :)

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