Coolant alternatives

Back when I was doing my "new bike" research, I came across something on the net that told you to use some kind of "Water soluble oil" instead of anti-freeze. Anybody do this? I guess it is supposed to protect the aluminum for corrosion. With a set of radiators around $700-$800 I think it is something to look into. I am aware of the "water wetter" product. Is this what they are talking about?

Thanks Tim


I don't know about the stuff you are talking about, but most good antifreeze is safe to use in aluminum radiators.


Tim, it was Motocross Action that recommended the water soluble oil. They said you can get it at Pep Boys for real cheap. I have never looked or heard of it before and I don't know if works or not. Maybe someone else knows something more about it. The Water Wetter is a coolant additive made by Redline. It's supposed to allow the water in your radiator to more effectively transfer the heat from your radiator walls. I haven't used this either. You can check out the Water Wetter at if your interested.

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