HELP!! Dr. D Hot Start Problem....

Need some help....After just one ride, the damn "plunger" thingy of my Dr. D hot start has seized in the carb and wont budge. I pulled as hard as I could and nothing, except breaking the end of the cable. NOW WHAT?! The plunger is still in there and there is very little sticking out of the carb, so what the heck can I do to free this thing up and get it out of there? If I spray some WD40 or something in there is that going to screw up the carb? It is definatley STUCK good!!

I was actually looking forward to using a remote hot start that closes when you let off the thumb lever but after this I wish I had left the damn thing alone. A waste of $95, and who knows what else if this thing is stuck for good....Needless to say, I am PISSED and Dr. D is definatley on my Sh!t list for this. After doing a search it seems as though this has been an issue with these hot starts, just wish I had found that out before this....

And the WORST thing is, I had to be towed home by my buddies KTM 250 MXC after a stall on the trails we were riding...NEVER LIVE THAT ONE DOWN,THANKS DR.D!!!

Any ideas/help?

Thanks guys...

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