Penn and Teller on Showtime

Tonight (Sun, 11 PM Pac time) they will expose the myths of global warming and attend an eco rally, where they expose the eco's for the fools they really are. Must see and share.

That was great! Thanks for the tip.

If you missed it, I highly recommend you catch the replay this Thursday night. Get you VCR ready, cause your gonna want to tape it so you can force your liberal friends and relatives to watch it. That’s what I'm going to do. :)

It's a real eye opener.

Anybody see the news report a few monthes ago that showed the hole in the ozone over the south pole had shrunk to about half it's previous size and is now two smaller holes? The hole changes size/shape yearly. It's a natural occurrance. If you guys want to get a good laugh, check into the REAL deforestation numbers in the rain forest, the last time I checked, they were about 1/40th of what the tree huggers say they are. Save a cow, eat an activist! :)

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