case breather


hey i was just wondering how you clean your case breather? mine got pretty dirty after last weekend and i want to clean it

use simple green , works great for air filter to

i use simple green all the time. hows your z been dewin? mines kicks butt teacherin those 450's whos the boss lol

the z is now a 484 tho i still have some tuning to do it does kick but , mostly its the cams that need degreeing .

befor i redid it i was in idaho ran up choke in 3ed

everyone of my people with 450s cant understand y my z smokes them in your backyard drags. only thing i need is a dyna im still runnin my stock for now. but i have no complaints. i couldnt imagine the power of a stroker.

ya and i cant get to the sand to try it out till the 27th .

as a 450 it was sweet sweet ,out in idaho ,some guy on a raptor called me out to run the hill and i smoked him.

if you ever get a chance to go there ,do it !

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