97 trail boss 250 hard to start


I've been having trouble for almost a year now with getting my four wheeler to start. I just replaced the rings so I have compression. It is getting gas for sure becuase after craking for a short time the plug comes out wet (and the plug is firing). The mixture screw is set where my haynes maunal says it should be.

Now when it does fire up (after a lot of craking) it runs strong, but after it is shut off it will not start back.

What I do not get is that this all started after my dad ran it out of gas.

I am out of ideas and need some help.

Running the quad out of gas was running it w/o oil too. Did you just replace the rings or do the whole top end? Did you hone the cylinder to help seat the new rings? Did you do a compression check to see exactly what the compression is? It should be well over 100#'s as it is hard to start a 2 stroke under 100#'s.

Flooding is a sure fire sign of low compression.

No it had oil because its oil injected. Didn't hone it out or anything, only new rings. I was getting 90 psi before, now its at 115

115 is pretty low but it should start. I would do the whole top end with a new piston, rings, bearing and wrist pin/circlips, head gasket then hone and break the new top end in.

yeah that would probably be for the best

when u do the top end,look down inside the crank,if theres alot of oil it might be the crank seals are bad,if so the crank seal r bad

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