Warrior problems


My friend has a warrior that he wants to sell me for 200 bucks. A few years ago he went riding and he had no oil in it and the thing has not started since. What do you think i will need to replace on it or what could be wrong with it.

Unless you needs parts of that Warrior, I'd pass. It would cost too much to fix.

How do you run a Warrior w/o oil....the engine is bulletproof?

Look at some 400 Suzuki/Kawi's. Trust me on this!

what year? and how long did he run it my friend ran his warrior with out oil all day and it smokes like crazy now i have to check the oil level on my warrior alot because it leaks from the case

well i only have 200 bucks so this is about my only option and i dont think he ran it to long but he couldnt get the thing to start so its been sitting for two years

Look at it this way. You have $200. What money are you going to fix it with?

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