08 700R HMF question


i just traded a street bike for a 08 raptor and the kid put a HMF pipe on it not full exhaust or anythign anyway i was wondering if it will run to lean or will it be ok?

Your Raptor will definitely run lean.

Even when they are all stock the 700 Raptors are slighty lean from the factory.

You will need an aftermarket fuel controller to correct the problem.

I recommend the Power Commander 3 but any will work.

Also, without a better header, the HMF slip on will not make a very big difference in performance. The stock intake isn't worth a crap either.

The "big three" (intake, full exhaust, fuel controller) will make a 700 Raptor into a BEAST.

It will dyno high 40s at the wheels with the "big three".

Hope I don't sound like a "know it all" but I have a lot of experience with Raptor 700s.

Catcha later.

I agree with with Furdieehre on the power comander(pclll) as the preferred fuel controller. As for the rest of the mods they can come later,but definitely get a fuel controller first!!

....Welcome to the site!!......Both of You.:bonk:

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