Need transmission help!!!!


I am trying to get transmission information from someone who knows what they are talking about. I have a TRX 250 X. Not the EX. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd work properly. The machine can NOT be shifted into 4th or 5th under power

of any kind. It will only shift into these gears after I let the machine roll for a bit then it will go in to them. After I do shift into the gears, it will go with no clutch slippage. Where would the problem be so I can fix this. I have to slow to about 50 mph to get 4th and about 60 to get fifth. Help me please! This machine tops out at 87 to 93 mph when working properly. Thanks in advance for any good advice that is given.:bonk:

Sounds like you may have some shift forks bent.

That's an amazing little 250 you have there that will hit 93 mph. 95% of 450's can't hit 85!

Are you serious? 87-93? Maybe in metric units...

He stated "mph"......quite and amazing feat for a little TRX250.

Actually, I don't think a TRX would hit 70 so yeah, I call bullshit!

Well judging by the lack of mechanical knowhow of the majority of people on here including a certain moderator I can understand the nay-saying. I was told the same thing about a 65 mph atc 185s but it has been confirmed.

And yes with proper gearing,piping, and jetting this is well within the capability of a "little" 250. If I decide to go with a larger than stock bore, which I may, Triple digits although low, are possible. Does a 250 Ninja go over 90? Again a little 250. I haven't said anything about the exacting specifications of the rebuild or the way I ported or polished the intake and exhaust ports. Nor anything about carb air and fuel flow, custom built exhaust to exacting specs, possibly expensive and extensive tire size and selection processes. So I guess if you want to say BS good for you. But until you spend the amount of time that I have on research and development keep your obviously inexperienced nose out of things. Everyone else, please feel free to offer any info you may have.

Why would you come here for help if the majority are lacking mechanical knowledge??/ Are you pulling in the clutch or shifting under power?? If you are properly using the clutch than I would suspect an internal transmission problem. Split the cases and inspect the trans.

Please help me put together a list of mods for my 400. I'm shooting for 148mph. Since it's about 40 percent larger than your 250 it should be about 40 percent faster, as well. Lousy comparison, huh? Kinda like comparing a Ninja street bike to an ATV, though.

Dude, a 250X couldn't reach 93mph if it fell from an airplane, literally. Give it up. You're not going to convince anyone otherwise...

I'm normally not a combative person, but since you're here(full of BS) spouting off about our lack of mechanical knowledge and inexperience I felt the need to say something. Good luck with your quad and the whole delusions of grandeur thing...

Well I would never thought thar this thread would go to this but OK... Don't ask for help if your going to be negative on our answers. Perhaps if you left out the mph you can achieve with the little 250ex would have helped some.

Isn't the 250ex shaft driven????

oh sorry 250X, still to fast for me....

Seems to me that any guy who could modify a little 250X to hit 93 mph could fix his transmission woes w/o our help.

hey man if you come in here trying to blow BS up at these guys you might as well quit they are alot of help if you ask in a decent matter and leave out all the crap

but whatever to each there own good luck

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