07 trx400ex orrr trx250ex


I have been on thumpertalk for a while now and moved over here. Now im looking for an atv. Also wasnt sure where to put this thread so if its in the wrong place. SOrry. Anyway Id like to know what you think id be better off with. The 400 or 250. I am only going to be doing trail riding but i want it to have some stuff. Got to have fun! I am currently 14 but want the bike for a while. Dont want to grow out of something. 5 8".... ANY suggestions?

The 250EX is an entry level machine. It isn't really a "sport" quad, but rather a "hybrid" based on the Recon utility. It has some advantages like high ground clearance, but the nature of the shaft drive rear end limits the amount of suspension possible. It if fun, but an experienced rider will get bored pretty quickly.

The 400EX is a true sport quad, that has good suspension and great handling. A beginner can handle it, yet an experienced rider won't get bored riding it.

Either of these machines is dead solid reliable, and tough as nails!

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