Best pipe for Banshee???


what is the best pipe for recreational riding??? Im really liking the 916 system from dmc but im not sure about it. What other pipes do you guys reccomend? And what jetting changes will i have to make?

Thanks for more details

a good all around pipe is a fmf fatty

a good high rpm pipe w/out porting is toomey t-6, with porting t-5s flow better

for a good dune pipe or a 4 mill engine run cpi, or shearer in frames

DMC 916 is a good pipe but they are a higher revving pipe, and hard to get now

paul turner mids would be a great pipe for you also

paul turner high revs are a good dune pipe or play pipe

pro circuit are damn nice pipes as well

hope this helps........i have a nice set of FMF fattys for a banshee with fmf turbine core 2 silencers for sale, pm me if interested




The pipe manufacturer will usually include recommended jetting changes for their pipes that will get you in the ballpark. More air needs more fuel so plan on bigger main jets and possibly needles. On two strokes ALWAYS jet fat and back down on the fuel untill you get about a cardboard brown ( or a hair darker ) on the plugs. Go too lean and you can melt the pistons in a matter of seconds! There's nothing more fun than a dialed in piped Banshee!

I've got the toomey t-6 on mine, the look good and sound even better! They are a little loud but I get a lot of compliments from other riders just on sound! Here's a pic for ya, good luck!


Bills pipes make agreat one. White Bros and Coffman (same pipe) is what I had and loved it over everything else if you can find them anymore. Other than that Toomey since they were the inovaters on the RZ350 street bike engine that the banshee was modeld after.

i tired 3 pipes on mine i had and heres how i rate them

1. toomey t-6

2.fmf sst

3. fmf gnarly

the toomeys i ran with toomey silencers the fmfs powercore 2 shortys

FMF is thr way to go

It all depends on your type of riding.. Do you need low/mid/top pipes?

And what mods do you have on your Banshee?

I'm running CPI pipes right now, I need that top end power for sand play and drag racing.

Also rebuilt and modified entire motor to match these pipes.

Would be too much performance if I just wanted to ride tight trails.


Toomey T-5's are the best all around pipes you can buy. Look on ebay for good deals..

best for trails paul turner mid ranges with fat boy 2 silencers, hands down, they have been tested and proven, plus numerous amounts of people rave about them I have owned them and they are by far better than fmf, dmc, pro circuit and toomey.

i would go with the fmf fatty and powercore 2 this combo would be almost your best all around like for trails then if you head out to the track for a day it will do well there to. as far as jetting when you buy a jetkit call the number on the box. when you talk to who ever on the phone tell them what kind of bike u have, kinds of pipes on the bike, what kind of air filter, and if u r above or below so many feet of sea level. for example i piped my blaster with full fmf with a dynojet jet kit i called the good guys at dynojet cuz the dudes at fmf had no idea what to do but any way they asked me all the questions i told u and they told me to go from the stock 230 main jet to a 360. so i would say fmf pipes and dynojet kits all the way!!! thank you to the people at dynojet for great service and great products also to fmf for great products

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