Jetting Specifications??????


I have a 2007 Suzuki Quadsport z250 My fiance and I are taking them to Idaho for a week. And we have been racking our brains trying to find the jetting specifications for it....:bonk:. Our dealership will not give us any information, so if anyone out there can help us out that would be great.

Jetting is about elevation and temperature. I doubt you'll have jetting issues with a stock 250.

Why are you worried about your jetting?

We were told we might have to jett our quads, going from Nebraska to Idaho the elevation is different. We are headed to a 6100 ft elevation. And we don't know if we have to but cannot find anything in the manual. And cannot find the information anywhere. Our dealership is being a pain and won't answer our question. Therefore I posted here.

6100 ft is high so you'll need less jetting. I'm not sure how much less.....trial and error.

I would try running w/o the airbox lid and see how she runs.

^^^^ what he said

A very good rule of thumb when traveling from seal level to 6k feet is drop your main jet 2 sizes from stock. Yes a fine tune would require a needle adjustment and pilot, but if it is just for a vacation trip I would just do the main jet change.

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