Big tyres for 01 350TRXFM1

Hi there,

I need some advice please on getting some mudder tyres for my 01 TRX350.

Now the ones Im considering are Kenda Executioners 26X12X12 Rear and 26X10X12 for Front.

Is this an excessive tyre for this bike?,"experts" here seem to think so, not enough grunt for the tyre is one theory,excessive "bump steer" is another.

8' front and 10 rear" will work better in mud... thinner:banghead:

All of which seems fesable but, I also have resavations about the theorys too!

Also wheels, what ones, frankly most of them I wouldnt put one my bike, just plain ugly, Im after a nice simple design, Ive seen a Maxxis wheel I like but I cant seem to find Maxxis wheels... just tyres?

Being realativly new to this I would like some feed back please will it be a waste of time and $$.

Regards Runas74

My experience has been that big tires turn this sweet handling little quad into a clumsy clunker!!! I ran 26" ITP Blackwaters (the original mud tire) years ago, and more recently 25" Holeshot ATR's on this machine.

After the ATR's wore out, I threw back on the old stock tires that I had sitting in the shed, and what a difference! I got back my sweet handling little quad that I remember from 10 years ago!!!

If you need a mud monster with huge tires, trade up to a different machine!

sooo, ok, that sort of answers my questions.

"clumsy clunker" rather descriptive there ranger, I wouldnt have thought that F1 type of handling would have been a requirement for mucking around in mud holes on a four wheeler,and perhaps tyres technology has changed in the last ten years, Im all about learning first before I commit to things.

Just so we can be on the same page I wont be running the "mudders" all the time, it does surprise me how well it does handle and most of the time it spends its days tearing around on farm races doing pest control, with "swamp foxes" on it.

But just for fun I would like to get covered in mud n stuff and I thought a different set tyres may make a difference to getting out of holes.

Were I will be playing dosent really require much on road access, so the bike will be trailered 99% of the way to the play ground, so it will not be the only set of tyres I will have.

Not to veer from my initial inquiry but I would love to up grade to a new machine but not this early on but for future reference what do you suggest ? the new CanAm Renagade shook my bell but I know nothing about them.

Regards runas74

I'm not at all into the huge big bore utility quad thing. Lots of my friends have them, and when I ride them they just all seem like huge pigs that don't do well at all on the tight woods trails in my local mountains.

I like to keep it medium size....and that means the 400 class. My Rancher 420is better than my old 350 in every way!!! My next purchase will probably be the all new Rancher 420AT, which has IRS and a totally unique new gear-on-gear automatic transmission.

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