blaster ?......i know i know


i just joined atvtalk today but have been a member of thumpertalk for quite some time.....i ride c class on my 250f and also trail looking to get a quad but dont want to spend a lot of money because the vast majority of my time will still b spent on my dirt cycle. im 5'7" and about 180 without gear. i'm looking at a 2002 blaster for $1400. its clean and i mite b able to get it a little cheaper.......does anyone have any idea on the range of these on a tank of fuel? riding relatively hard on the sandy snowmobile trails of michigan (mostly flat) and i've seen a lot of people say these quads are too small....would i b ok being that i'm only 5'7"???? thanks in advance and sorry to be so long winded

I'm 6' and feel cramped on a Blaster, esp when my knees hit the perches. At 5'7, you should be OK. Blasters can be built to go fast, very fast. Suspension is weak. Riding time is about 3 hours on a tank.

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The weak points on the '02 blaster is the suspension and the brakes. They were terrible until they went to front wheel disc. At 5'7" you'll be ok on it. It won't have a lot of power stock, but wake up to a pipe and a gearing change. They are very reliable and when you get them widened up and suspended properly they can be a great ride.

thank u very much for the welcome and the replies......they seem like a lot of fun and i look forward to the purchase.....the purchase of a big bore kit that is =)

I just think a Blaster is a bit small for all but those who are very small and light. Blasters can be made awsome, but you have to dump a ton of money into them first.

I would look for a good used 400EX, Z400, etc. That's my personal opinion.

+1 on the z400. Save a bit more and you will be happy you did. I got an 04 for $1800 in decent shape. You can find them in the 2k mark all day long. They really are nice quads that can do it all. They have good power and suspension and can go anywhere I want it too minus big mud pits. It's my "cruising" alternative to my yz 250 but has the nuts when I need it. I'm sure a 400ex is a nice quad too I just dont have experience on it.

You should definetley get a Blaster they are good fun and can get a lot of use out of them if you keep it maintained well i get about 5 hours use out of mine

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