Which quad to get?

What are some pros and cons on the 2009 Raptor 350 and the 2009 TRX 400x?

Which is reccomended?

Anybody have either? How are they?

WHICH IS THE BEST? Price ISNT an issue.

I rode a Warrior 350 (from which the Raptor 350 descended), for many years (maybe before you were born)! I spent some time on a friend's Raptor 350 recently, hoping it was an improvement on the old Warrior....but sadly no! These machines should be avoided!!! They just never got the rear suspenson right. Both engine and frame are tired old designs from another era.

The 400EX is a great machine. Not a powerhouse, but descent suspension and excellent handling (and after 05 they got reverse). The engine is a bit old school, but will run forever with just basic maintenance. Along with its little brother the 300EX, these are the best trail quads of all time! (I have a 400EX that is nearly 10 years old and has thousands of miles on it, and it runs as good as the day it was new!!!)

Another excellent machine in the 400 class, is the Suzuki Z400. For 09, it gets fuel injection and a complete redesign. I like the Z for more open country, and the EX for tight trails.

I agree, I would get the 400EX over the Raptor. If money isn't an object, as you stated, get the Suzuki 400!

+3 on the Suzuki, the EFI is the big selling point and it is proven already on the LTR450's (I have 2 '06's , and have yet to have any problems.) Second choice is the 400EX, but it is a very dated design. The Raptor is improved over the warrior, but would still be my last choice.

Nothing to add really... You should be looking at the 400EX or Z400. Forget about the Raptor 350, imo.

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